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Our Four Walls

Made during the third national lockdown in 2021, Our Four Walls is a broadcast of soothing sonics known as Solfeggio Frequencies, produced with the aim of mass meditation. The 3-hour sound piece features seven different Solfeggio Frequencies, each with their own beneficial effect on the listener and the physical space they inhabit. For instance, 417Hz is thought to have the spiritual power to cleanse oneself and one’s home of negative energy. The 7 tones have been automated to play at random over the 3-hour period. Being randomised takes the composition out of human hands and bases the piece on ‘chance operations’ – a term originally coined by John Cage. Having a composition based on chance amplifies the unpredictability and uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic; and by eliminating the emotional aspect of the composition, the spiritual tones have adopted a machine-like sequencing. During a time of isolation and reliance on technology, Harry’s intent for this work is to allow the audience to escape their reality but also to ground themselves in the uncomfortable present.

The 7 different sine tones are 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963 Hz. 

Broadcast date: 25/02/21

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