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Schefflera Arboricola

Schefflera Arboricola, also known as an Umbrella plant, is a symbolically positive and protective species. In this work, the plant is isolated and enclosed within a synthetic, sterile environment in which it has all it needs to live – air, water, nutrients and light. As well as these vital factors for growth and survival, there is an added stimulus which is synthesised sound. Music and sound have long been thought of as beneficial for plants. In fact, there is scientific evidence to support that certain frequencies can aid growth and increase disease resistance. Plants ‘hear’ sound through vibration and it is this that reminds us that sound is something that can be felt, not just emotionally but physically.

AV Installation
MDF, acrylic plastic, steel, 5 inch speaker driver, amplifier, Umbrella plant on lava rock, Behringer Crave synthesiser, MacBook Pro, guitar pedal, grow lamp, acoustic foam, lapel microphone, Allen & Heath mixer

1200 (h) x 350 (w) x 350 (d) mm

Performance excerpt